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"I had unexplained pain in my diaphragm and under my rib cage for years, and I hadn't found any effective way to work with it. I met Heather in a yoga program, and without batting an eyelash she said, "Come on in, let's see what we can do." From the first session, I knew I had found the right person. Heather listens to all of me with all of her, and intuitively picks up the essential information. She then allows that sense to guide her focus, and the results are amazing. Not only has the pain I experience decreased, but I have learned a tremendous amount about myself in the process. Heather is talented and skillful, and works with incredible care. I am so lucky to have found her!"

Jaime B., Oakland
"I have benefited greatly from your sensitive and intuitive touch which has allowed profound releases of stress, tension and holding in my body. Although I have experienced various forms of therapeutic massage over the years I have yet to experience anything as profound and healing as the Chi Nei Tsang treatments which you have so skillfully administered. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to receive these treatments from you."

John R., Mill Valley
"Amazing practitioner. Took her time with me and explained everything that she was doing. Soothing touch and very experienced at what she does. Hard to find someone who truly practices the art of Chi Nei Tsang in the area. Highly recommend her any type of bodywork/massage. She is one of the premier CMT's in the bay area after having experienced many different practices over these past few years."

Sean D., San Jose
"I had my first CNT massage last week with Heather and loved it. During the massage I felt so relaxed and at peace but I did not realize how altered I was until walking down Union street to head home. Everything seamed to move much slower. I felt more present. While some of the relaxation faded after returning to work the following day, I still felt the benefits for another week. My appetite was lower and my workouts were more focused. I plan to return for another CNT massage!"

Janell H., SF